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How you can donate and help OUR Church

Online Giving
God fills our hearts with joy when we willingly bring our tithes and offerings to Him. We find this joy for three reasons. First, God deserves our absolute devotion. We have been created to worship God, and we give financially as an expression of worship. As an act of worship, giving financially to God through this church produces the joy of fulfilling our calling as His followers.
Second, God’s work is great, and we give financially to continue His work in the world. God has given us the responsibility to glorify Him by winning and leading the people of James Island and around the world to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. When we give financially to God through the church, we discover the joy of working for something bigger than ourselves. We find the joy of partnering together with others and with God in His mission of love to the world.
Finally, God is the source of life, and we give to celebrate our dependence on Him. When we give financially through this church, we celebrate our dependence on the One who cares for us and is leading us each day to the very best in life. God calls us to faithfulness. He calls us to honor Him with our financial resources. He calls us to celebrate our dependence on Him, discovering the joy of His compassionate care for us through the details of our lives.

We want to offer you this online option for giving to God through the church. This is another opportunity and avenue for us to honor Christ, continue His Cause, and to celebrate our dependence on Him.

ways you can donate:



On Sunday mornings we give with a worshipful and joyful heart.  It is a part of our worship experience.


To Give Online

Member or Regular Attender, please click here

Guests, please click here.
If you are setting up your account, keep in mind that an email address must be on file with the church office as the database requires the email address for its search criteria. Once your account has been established, an email message will be automatically sent to you with your user name and password.